NASA Chief Scientist Believes The World ‘Isn’t Prepared’ For Possible Alien Discovery

NASA Chief Scientist Believes The World ‘Isn’t Prepared’ For Possible Alien Discovery

NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is worried that the world might not be ready for the discovery of extraterrestrial life. The space agency, which is responsible for aerospace research, aeronautics, and the civilian space program, that such a discovery could have “revolutionary” implications on society. They are reportedly close to finding life on the planet Mars but the chief scientist is afraid that such findings might be too much to handle for the world.

Business Executive James L Green Nasa Chief Scientist
Dr. Jim Green, Chief Scientists at Nasa  CREDIT: MAX ALEXANDER/UK SPACE AGENCY

A planned expedition is set to take place on March 2021 on Mars by NASA along with the European Space Agency (ESA). Dr. Jim Green stated that the mission which consists of two rovers could find life within months after arriving. The twin rovers referred to as “Rosalind” in tribute to British chemist Rosalind Franklin will dig 6.5 feet tunnels int Mars’ core in search of extraterrestrial life. Samples will then be taken from ExoMars Rover and will then be crushed and examined in a mobile lab.

According to Dr. Green, finding extraterrestrial life would be compared to the revolutionary discovery of heliocentrism in the 16th century. The theory which postulated that the Earth along with the other bodies within the solar system, spun around the Sun and not the other way was created by Nicolaus Copernicus. The scientist believes a similar effect will take place in today’s society with the “start of a whole new line of thinking”. But is that such a bad thing? He is worried that we are very close to confirming such notion and announcements of the discovery of extraterrestrial life is not far away.

Rocc Rover Operation Control Center Exomars Mars 2020
Model of ExoMars rover at control centre. Credit: ALTEC

After drilling into the surface of Mars rock formations, test tube samples will be fled back to Earth becoming the first time materials from Mars will have been bought into. Dr. Green believes that the discovery will not answer any questions but will rather create many more ironically. This includes whether life will be able to move between planets and will they be able to survive on Earth. Just at the start of the year, scientists discovered that there is a possibility that a vast and active water system lies beneath Mars’ surface. Also, a study released just this month revealed that the planet Venus may have been home to extraterrestrial lifeforms two to three billion years ago before its atmosphere became inhabitable, hot and dense seven hundred million years ago.

Dr. Green is adamant that life exists on other planets and his confidence stems from findings of exoplanets, which are planets located outside the solar system.



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