Vatican City’s ‘Papal Regalia’ Coat of Arms Decrypted

Vatican City’s ‘Papal Regalia’ Coat of Arms Decrypted

Vatican City Coat Of Arms Coats The Holy See And

Papal Regalia Insignia

Throughout the ages, the papal regalia depicting two interlocking keys and a crown has been the insignia representing the Holy See of Vatican City.

Stone Carving St Peter's Basilica Sculpture
Coat of Arms (Full rendition of Papal Regalia)

Today we look at the complete rendition of the papal regalia which is used by popes as their Coat of Arms.

Bernini Coat Of Arms Gian Lorenzo St Peter's Basilica
Coat of Arms of Various Popes – Slave collar

Why does the Coat of Arms of previous popes feature a depiction of them inside a massive slave collar? …

In the documentary Revelation of The END the Coat of Arms of Vatican City has been uncovered in its entirety, exposing the darkest secrets and hidden symbology that has never been revealed before – ever.

To see all of the decoded images and part 2 of the documentary, please read the full article here.



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