The diffrent entrances to the secret chamberd of the sphinx of egypt are published

The diffrent entrances to the secret chamberd of the sphinx of egypt are published

Recently, a series of old photographs of the Great Sphinx in Giza have been viralized on the internet, revealing something that has been kept secret from the majority of humanity for years: The Sphinx has entrances to secret chambers, which may hide very valuable treasures, knowledge or the history of mankind.

The entrance to the head of the Sphinx
One of the photographs, was taken sometime in the eighteenth century, from a hot air balloon. You do not need to get too close, so you can see the hole above the head of the Great Sphinx. However, the truly surprising thing is that, currently, this opening is not there.
The entrance to the hip of the Sphinx
Other photographs show what appears to be an entrance, located at the top of the hip of the Great Sphinx. However, this entrance to an old burial chamber was added long after the construction of the Great Sphinx.
Hip entrance of the Sphinx
The explorations in these entries
Although, it should be noted that these entries may not be so secret, since there are records of explorations that were made in them , this does not make them less mysterious.
For example, the entrance to the head of the Sphinx was explored by Henry Salt and his companion Auguste de Forbin. Together, they discovered that the entrance was going down the body of the sphinx, where there was a corridor that led to another cavity of the monument.
However, it was reported that these two men had a strong discussion about whether to explore this corridor, and Henry Salt made the abrupt decision to seal it with cement.

Finally, if there is a record that these tickets existed and were explored, why do not we know anything about what is inside? What are they hiding from us? What do you think?



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