Tether incident V Dropa stones

Tether incident V Dropa stones

The tether incident is one of those things that really interest me.

The tether is around 12 miles long and is being filmed from the space shuttle from around 60 miles or so away.

What we have are objects floating all around the tether coming and going in every direction.

Many of these objects go behind the tether which gives us an idea as to the objects size.

The particular object i have in mind is this one…vvv…and others seen in the video with the notch on their side.

Tether Incident Sts 75 Sts-75 Space Shuttle Program

A rough idea of the objects size due to it passing behind the tether would make it around a mile across….space debris aint that big….The picture may not be very convincing to show the object went behind the Tether, but if you watch the video just below then it becomes obvious that Many pass from behind.

This is a particularly good vid that shows all kinds of objects passing in front of and behind the tether, some of them pulse quite visibly, and the original narration can be heard.

now for a minute concentrate on the objects in the above video that look like this one in the below picture.

Robert Stanley Archons Archon Sts-75

In the video there are a few objects that look like the one above that are donut shaped with a Notch out of the side, what i find interesting is the similarity of these tether objects to at least one of the Dropa Stones.

There maybe more than one dropa stone that have the notch on its side (there are over 700 of em) but i can only find one with the notch from a quick search .


This is the Dropa stone i refer to.

Dropa Stones Extraterrestrial Life

Many so called experts in the UFO field claim that the stones (up to 1ft in diameter) are about 12,000 yrs old and are alien in appearance/origin, some have inscriptions on them.

It is Imo a remarkable coincidence that some of the objects in the Tether incident perfectly resemble the Dropa stone/s.

If you want to know more about the Tether incident (it was an accident) or the Dropa stones (found in China) a quick Google search will reveal freakin heaps of pics and vids.



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