New proof: The Santilli “Alien Autopsy” video may be real

New proof: The Santilli “Alien Autopsy” video may be real

The following document leak is apparently supposed to be proof that the Santilli AlienAutopsy video is real.

In short Kit Green (ex CIA) was asked to authenticate it and he said it was real, the Pentagon also showed him photographs of the same event. Kit Green said that the footage matched the photos he was shown.

The remains are said to be located at Walter reed armed forces institute for pathology.

The theory is that the Santilli footage, that we all saw was fake, and a reenactment, due to initial footage being damaged.

The footage we are talking about is the infamous black and white alien autopsy video, released in 95. The one with the pot belly alien with its leg cut open.

This video Santilli has since admitted to it being reproduction and that only a couple of Frames in the video were from the original footage.

Kit Green said that he first saw photographs of said autopsy in 87/88, he also got to read the autopsy reports. He said the photos were consistent with the 95 Santilli footage. Keeping in mind that he says the photos were shown to him by the Pentagon.

Also in 87 when kit supposedly saw the photos, Santilli wasn’t at all in the “movie” business, he was actually in the middle of producing a record, one of the charity things with pop stars in it, not much time for faking a video. It was only in 94 that he founded his production company, mainly for producing tv docs, so a year before the autopsy video.



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