The Peruvian air force fights ufos

The Peruvian air force fights ufos

I once published the case of the Iranian air force fighting ufos in 1976. That time, the missile could not be launched because of electronic interference. Over Peru in 1980, the Peruvian air force managed to fire weapons, hit targets and missed them all. Similar cases have been reported in China’s 971 air traffic incident.

On the morning of April 11, 1980, at La Joya air base, 1,000 kilometers south of the Peruvian capital, about 1,800 military personnel were conducting daily exercises.

La Joya in Peru is a fairly secret air base. At the time, Peru was one of the few countries in South America with soviet-made fighter jets.

Lt Huerta, a pilot with eight years of experience, was ordered to immediately take off in a russian-made sukhoi-22 fighter jet to intercept a strange silver object found near the end of the runway, the Peruvian air force lieutenant said at the time.

The object, five kilometers from the base and suspended about 600 meters above the ground, did not respond to any communications.

At the time, there was a lot of military tension between Peru and Chile, and they assumed it was a Chilean spy balloon. Its mission is to destroy it.

“This’ balloon ‘visited the military exclusion zone without authorization and represents a serious challenge to national sovereignty,” he said.

Base De La Joya Aerea Peruvian Air Force

After taking off, lieutenant Huerta flew to 2,500 meters before entering an attack.

He wrote:

“I reached the necessary distance and fired a set of sixty-four 30-millimeter shells, creating a cone-shaped ‘wall of fire’ that would normally eliminate anything in the path. ”

“One of the shells was powerful enough to destroy a car, but they had no effect on the object. I thought the balloon would burst and the gas would pour out. But nothing happened. It seemed as if the shell had been absorbed by the balloon, and it was not damaged at all. ”

The object quickly rose away from the base, prompting lieutenant Huerta to activate the aircraft’s afterburner for a chase. When they reached the city of camana, 84 kilometers from the base, the object suddenly stopped and forced him to turn to the side.

Lieutenant Huerta tried to locate the transmitter gun again.

“I locked it perfectly again and was ready to shoot. But at that moment, the object climbed up again quickly and missed the attack. I pulled it down. ”

He tried the same maneuver twice more, each time the object rose quickly to escape before firing.

The object is now 14,000 meters above sea level. Lieutenant Huerta decided to try to attack from above, so he climbed quickly, but the object was always higher than him. It rose to 19,200 meters, well above the plane’s permitted altitude.

Running low on fuel, he realized he couldn’t continue the attack, so he decided to take a closer look at the object. He didn’t realize what it was until he was 100 meters away.

“I was surprised to see that the balloon wasn’t a balloon at all. It’s an object about 10 meters in diameter, with a shiny dome at the top, creamy, like the head of a light bulb.”

“At the bottom is a wider round base, silver, which looks like some kind of metal. It lacks all the typical components of an airplane. It has no wings, jet propulsion, exhaust, Windows, antennas, etc. It has no visible propulsion system. ”

“At that moment, I realized it wasn’t a spy device, it was a UFO, something completely unknown. I had almost no fuel, so I couldn’t attack or operate my plane. Suddenly, I was scared. I thought I might be sacrificed. ”

Oscar Santa Maria Ovni La Joya District Unidentified Flying Object

Lieutenant Huerta decided to return, forced to taxi due to lack of fuel, and said: “zigzag flight, hope the plane is hard to hit, hope it won’t chase me.”

After he landed, the object returned to the base and remained above the base for another two hours. The 1,800 people at the base stared at the UFO in the sunlight and were at a loss what to do.

Lieutenant Huerta said everyone on the base witnessed the ship and many of them were asked to provide reports. A June 1980 U.S. department of defense document titled “UFO seen in Peru” describes the incident and notes that the object remains unidentified.

A similar incident occurred in 1976, when Iranian air force general Parviz Jafari tried to shoot a UFO, but his equipment was found to have malfunctioned. ”

Antietam National Battlefield Claude Poher Unidentified Flying Object

Colonel Huerta said:

“The Soviet plane we were flying was a mechanical dial, and maybe that’s why it couldn’t be turned off, so objects had to jump away at the last minute, not the first time, to interfere with our launch. ”

“I found myself in a unique position, as far as I know, to be the only military pilot in the world who actually launched a weapon and hit a UFO. With that in mind, it still chills me. ”

Similar cases have also appeared in the 971 incident in China.



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