Richat Structure/Atlantis Theory Debunked?

Richat Structure/Atlantis Theory Debunked?

So although intrigued by the most recent theories that the ‘Richat’ structure in Africa is possibly and by the way Youtubers are falling all over themselves, is the lost civilization of Atlantis, there’s been things about this ‘theory’ that have bugged me and this is my nature, when questions pop in my head, I have generally got to find an answer.

So, IF this was Atlantis, why isn’t it an island? IF this is Atlantis, why isn’t it in the Atlantic ocean?

Another question was it’s elevation… It’s some 80 meters ABOVE sea level… Did Atlantis sink?

So I began to search Youtube to see if anyone was debunking this assertion about the structure, because what’s almost humorous is that some Youtubers claim they are heading to Africa to check this place out…. And a lot of these people doin this are just ‘kids’… Which is great an all, but they are by no means professionals, that seem to have any practical archaeological training or backgrounds… It sounds like some of them, this might be the first time they’ve left their hometown’s… which again, nothing wrong with that, I set out traveling when i was 17 on my own.

But I wasn’t going into the desert of Africa with no training…

Something that has bothered me is that I’ve not seen anyone else really weigh in on this, like, historians archaeologists (even ‘pseudo’ ones at that)…

As i said to my Brother, he’s been following this too, this Youtube video I’ll throw here, well it sounds like the guy is about 17, but hey, ‘some’ of what he says is true… Like about the elevation of the place, and other facts about it’s geology, size, and more… Mind you, this kid has his own notions on Atlantis and some other catastrophes that he speaks about.



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