SETI Scientists Think They Are Able To Detect Alien Starships

SETI Scientists Think They Are Able To Detect Alien Starships

Scientists may be able to track alien starships using gamma-ray telescopes.

Quite a large and often controversial topic in the scientific community is whether or not advanced extraterrestrial life exists. In any case, there are scientists who actively research and look for signs to prove that there is intelligent life out there. To do this, of course, they have to think outside the box quite a lot. While doing that, they discovered something quite interesting which has given birth to an idea.

This idea is one that has been considered to be quite far out (no pun intended). It suggests that a civilization, which is probably much older and more advanced than any human one, could harness radiation emitted from black holes (also known as Hawking radiation) to generate power which could potentially be used for spacecraft.

Louis Crane, a mathematician from Kansas State University (KSU), recently authored a study about this idea. It suggested how surveys using gamma telescopes could find evidence of spacecraft which were powered by tiny artificial black holes.

The study, which is called “Searching for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Using gamma-ray Telescopes, “was recently posted online. This is Dr. Crane’s second published paper on the subject, the first of which was co-authored by Shawn Moreland (a physics graduate student at KSU) and published in 2009. The first was titled “Are Black Hole Spacecraft Possible?”

Is this actually possible?

Having a black hole would really set a civilization apart from any other. It offers extraordinary benefits. For example, if a species were to harness a microscopic black hole, they could potentially throw matter into it and get out energy, which would be amazing. Something like that could potentially solve Earth’s fossil fuel crisis. In terms of interstellar uses, it could propel an incredibly large spacecraft.

Any civilization with this technology would indicate a very high level of advancement. Given the sheer energy requirements for creating an artificial black hole, plus the technical challenges associated with harnessing it, the process would be beyond anything less than a Type II civilization on the Kardashev Scale, which is far more advanced than the human race. Here on Earth, there simply isn’t enough capacity to store all the energy needed to create a black hole, it’s also beyond viable for the economy. Take a look at a video below to find out more.


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