Photo of ET I found in the 90’s

Photo of ET I found in the 90’s

I had this image.. I can’t remember where I’d found it.. Top left was the original, however it might have been landscape as per bottom image.

It is said to be a deceased alien lying on a metal table of some kind. I remember the description was vague but it was said to be taken on board a Navy ship! There may have been more info but that’s all that stood out that I remember until now.

What a great place to hide something like that right?

I ran it through a few filters, un sharp mask, tone curve and couple of others.

Aliens Eye Horror

This was how it was found at the time if my memory serves me correctly.

Could it be a human? with those eyes and ears? I don’t think so..

Fake? One hell of a fake if it is.. from the 90’s too.. Who knows when it was snapped though.



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