Iran’s air force fights ufos

Iran’s air force fights ufos

In 1976, the world was caught in the cold war between the Soviet union and the United States. The United States and Iran were Allies, and the americans supplied their Allies in the Middle East with the highest quality weapons and equipment. The Iranian imperial air force has some of the best U.S. fighters, including the f-14 tomcats, the F4 ghost and the F5 tiger II, and carefully observes their airspace.

Major Shokouhnia Mcdonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Ii Iran

At around 23am on 18 September 1976, the air force command received several calls from frightened civilians in the town of Shemiran, reporting that a large glowing ball had been observed over the city.

At around 0:00 on 19 September, the air force command post reported that there were no local aircraft and helicopters flew over the area. But mehrabad airport warns that objects are bigger and brighter than stars. The command post then decided to send an F4 mirage II fighter, which it believed might be a Soviet invasion of the country.

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The plane took off from Shahrokhi air base in hamadan, Iran at about 1:30 am. Pilot, captain mohammad ali Azizkhani flew 74 kilometers north of the city. Because of the intensity of the light from the object, he was able to observe it from 110 kilometers away.

When the plane was 46 kilometers away, the flight controller began to fail. The pilot left the approach and returned to base. The instrument returned to normal operation when the fighter left the object.

At 1:40 a.m., the second F4 began intercepting the strange object. The hunt was led by major Parviz Javari. As it approached, the airborne radar picked up a signal 50 kilometers away, similar in size to the Boeing 707. When it is 46 kilometers away, the object starts moving in the opposite direction, always remaining 46 kilometers away.

A picture taken by a pilot

The actual size of an object cannot be estimated because of the intense light emitted from it. The light shifts colors, alternating between blue, green, red, and orange in a rectangular pattern. Later, he observed the shape of the object, similar to a large luminous diamond.

A small glowing object detached from the lower part of the larger object, quickly approached the aircraft and circled at great speed.

The object then returns to the larger object and disappears. The pilot continued the chase, pointing out that ufos were always 46 kilometers from the hunt.

Before long, large objects were released again, and small, spherical ufos came again. The pilot thought he was in danger and was ready to fire when the plane was equipped with AIM9 rattlesnake missiles.

But at this point he lost all of his onboard instruments and communications systems. All instrument lights are off.

He considered the possibility of giving up fire and prepared to trigger the catapult system, which was also shut down. Then he took evasive action. The small object flies with it at a distance of 7.4 kilometers and follows it for a short time before returning to the larger object.

Capt Jafari knew he could not face such a threat and asked to return to the base, which was authorized by the controller. The onboard instrument returned to normal operation while leaving.

On his return to the air force base, he was questioned by cia agents and a us air force colonel.

World War 2 Documents 1976 Tehran Ufo Incident United States Of America

The case document was drafted by the U.S. and Iranian militaries. U.S. documents are disqualified under the U.S. freedom of information act. Iranian documents were classified as super-secret by the Iranian government after the revolution.

Thanks to the efforts of investigators, the case did not go unnoticed and was brought to public attention with the help of contacts. Lieutenant general Azarbarzin of Iran, for example, publicly confirmed this fact:

It’s true. Both were sent to intercept and lock the target, but were subjected to very strong electromagnetic interference. And then they lost all of their avionics. Jets cannot fire missiles because they are heavily disturbed. Ufos use a very wide frequency band and can switch to different bands at the same time, different frequencies. This is very unusual.

Commercial aircraft at nearby airports, with the exception of fighter jets, had communication problems due to electromagnetic interference, although none of them had seen anything.

How do you see the reality of this event?



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