These Are Nostradamus’ Predictions For 2019

These Are Nostradamus’ Predictions For 2019

The prophecies of Nostradamus extend to the upcoming year, 2019. The predictions center on justice and natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes in various states.

According to Nostradamus, 2019 will not be a year of financial prosperity, therefore requiring risk and innovation in order to increase this prosperity. Although not predicted to be the year of financial prosperity, the stock market is predicted to do well in the summer months.

Nostradamus also said that we will be more open on a social level.

From a healthcare standpoint, Nostradamus predicts new developments in the field and also advises that we be mindful of any health issues we have.

Many people find these predictions significant because Nostradamus has seen over seventy percent of his predictions fulfilled to date. These include the reign of Napoleon, World War 2, the rise of Hitler, and JFK’s assassination just to name a few.

More predictions from Nostradamus for 2019:

1) Many European countries will deal with floods of significant magnitude

2) Terrorism will increase in Europe and the United States

3) Immigration, terrorism, and war will be the result of increased religious extremism in the Middle East

4) Political leaders will reach agreements regarding solutions for climate change

5) World War 3 will happen and will consist of two superpowers, with a duration of roughly twenty-seven years

6) A giant earthquake will occur between California and Vancouver Island in Canada

7) Humans will be able to speak to animals

8) Medicine will see significant advancement and will extend the lives of people in a big way, with new estimates of how long we can live to as high as 200 years

Nostradamus risked being persecuted by the Catholic church when he predicted the future for the next twenty centuries in his time. He published many of his prophecies between 1555 and 1557. He died shortly after in 1566.



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