What you are seeing right now is the videolog of the secret mission to Mars. Back in 1973, NASA launched a secret manned mission to Mars under the codename Redsun. You can see that this note is floating in a zero g gravity environment and it states that this footage was recorded on ISV Columbus, the name of the spacecraft. In 1973, we already send many unmanned probes to Mars to photograph the surface of Mars and recently footage was leaked of this secret manned mission to Mars. According to the documents, 3 astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and a Russian astronaut with name of Vladimir Ilyushin were send to Mars for a secret mission. All of the footage you are currently seeing was recorded on a 8mm film as was the standard procedure at the time. We can see our earth from deep space as the crew is on it’s way to Mars. On day 10 of their mission, they captured this amazing footage of planet earth and our moon.
In this scene it looks like the moon is very close by to earth, but in reality the moon is far away at the back of our planet. As stated earlier this footage was leaked from a NASA training video and it was used for preparing astronauts for the isolation they can experience during long missions on the international space station….


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