Daytime video of a UFO flying near a plane over Moorenbrunn, Germany 31-Oct-2018

Here’s one new footage of a bright unidentified flying objects flying near a plane over Moorenbrunn, Germany. This was filmed on 31st October 2018.

Witness report: Sphere, Long cigar shaped and “oo” Double UFOs.

As usual, I´ve been filming Chem-trail Planes go by and before these UFOs appeared, lots and lots of Chemtrail Planes came by clouding in the sky above before …. Even with the Chemtrail Planes, these UFO close Fly bys beside, underneath, over or length size ahead of the Plane raced by them.

In my clips below, i even made slow motion clips and still pics in that Each Clip of mine.

At one of those clips, i even followed up that one UFO go past the plane, i didn´t expect it to catch it with my camera but it worked as i could see.


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