The Google Engineer ‘Ray Kurzweil’: “the man will become a HYBRID meta-organic and bio-machinery”

The chief engineer of Google, Ray Kurzweil, launches the last prophecy: within the next 12 years will be reality, the so-called “technological singularity”, especially in the field of artificial intelligence: the machines will be more intelligent and efficient than human beings, which will become HYBRID organic and bio-machine targets.

Ray Kurzweil, 70 years old from an Austrian Jewish family who fled to Queens, is one of the most unique personalities of our time. Singular is the right word because Ray, with his law of accelerated return, is one of the noble fathers of singularism.

Singularism is the theory that asserts, within the middle of the 21st century, the conjunction between biological and artificial intelligence in a meta-organic and bio-machinean intelligence, thanks to which man will become a hybrid being. According to the inventor and director of the engineering department of Google, this is the near future; and it must be said that his forecasts, from 1990 to today, have proved to be exact in 86% of cases.

In his essay, “Singularity is near”, the engineer explains the meaning of “singularity”: what is meant by singularity: a future point in which technological advances will begin to occur with such speed, that normal human beings will not succeed. to keep up with it, and they will be “cut off from the sky”.

By 2030, we will be able to connect the neocortexes of our brains

According to the director, artificial intelligences and “cybernetically improved humans” will be imposed instead of normal humans: this phenomenon will begin as soon as the “auto-improving artificial intelligences” come to light, highly technological software capable of “redrawing” oneself and one’s own progeny.

According to Kurzweil, by 2030, we will be able to connect the neocortexes of our brains: “we will have a larger portion of brain neocortex, we will be more fun, we will be better at playing musical instruments, we will be sexier. We will exemplify all praiseworthy things in the human being, but on a higher level “.

So according to Kurzweil we will become real “hybrids” and since our brain will no longer be enough, we will resort to the implantation of ” nanorobotic implants “, essential to think, linking “what will remain” of our mind to the infinite data warehouse on the Web. “Gradually, we are merging and empowering ourselves” says Kurzweil “from my point of view, it is in the very nature of human beings, to transcend our limits”.



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