VIDEO: LeBron Reveals Hilarious Way He’s Been Testing Out Different Cavs Lineups

Whoever said video games don’t have any value in the real world clearly hasn’t talked to LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar spoke to reporters earlier today after practice, and obviously talk has been swirling about Isaiah Thomas’ imminent return to the team. When asked how he’s been analyzing potential Cavs lineups for when that happens, the King had an absolutely priceless answer.

Hey, the game is incredibly popular for a reason.

With the amount of research and game analysis that goes into crafting the players for 2K, using it to run different lineup scenarios actually sort of makes sense. You just wouldn’t exactly expect a legendary NBA player to admit to doing that.

It may be hard to believe that the Cavs would trust James’ judgement for lineups based off a game, but we also know that whatever he says, goes:

If the Cavs go on to win the NBA title this season, we officially know what cheat code they used.


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