Pierce, Allen appear to bury hatchet: ‘Time to get the band back together’

Pierce, Allen appear to bury hatchet: ‘Time to get the band back together’

Time heals all wounds, including those as deep as the ones caused by Ray Allen‘s departure from the Boston Celtics to the enemy Miami Heat in 2012.

Paul Pierce seems ready to let bygones be bygones, posting a photo of himself alongside Allen on Saturday night at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center with the hashtag #burythehatchet.

“The Truth” also tagged his former Celtics teammates in Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, suggesting they should “get the band back together.”

During an airing of TNT’s “Area 21” back in May, Pierce said the lingering rift with Allen needed to be settled once and for all.

Members of the championship-winning ’08 roster will embark on a 10-year anniversary trip in 2018 planned by Rondo that Allen isn’t invited to, stemming from heat between the two.

Following the mini reunion on TNT that he wasn’t a part of, Allen published a cryptic Facebook post of him as a member of the Heat appearing to elbow Rondo out of the way with the caption “The power to push limits.” It was deleted soon after.

Allen went on to add another title to his resume in South Beach. Leaving for Miami wasn’t what aggravated his ex-teammates, however, as they noted on “Area 21” that it was him leaving and not talking to them about it first that shattered their relationship.

Once a Celtic, always a Celtic, though.



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