REPORT: Cavs Could Void Blockbuster Trade Due to Isaiah Thomas Injury Concerns

​It’s not over yet folks! There’s been a new development.

The Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas (and others) deal, while having been agreed to in principle, is not yet all the way official.

Upon being brought in for a physical, it was discovered that Thomas is still dealing with complications to the injured hip that kept him out of the Celtics’ final stretch of the postseason.

Because of this, the Cavaliers can go back and pull the plug on the trade as Thomas isn’t completely healthy. It seems they are currently weighing out their options…

Another Woj Bomb, and this one could stand to really blow up in all of our faces should the Cavs back out on this deal.

Just when we were beginning to be okay with the fact that the days of Irving and James sharing the court together are now over, there could be life after death.

It all depends now on what Cleveland elects to do.


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