Navy Seal Shuts Down Idiot Professor Who Dissed the Military

Navy Seal Shuts Down Idiot Professor Who Dissed the Military

Much controversy arose after Drexel professor George Ciccariello-Maher said that he wanted to “vomit” after seeing a first class passenger give his seat up for a U.S. military member. This is in direct contradiction to a recent campaign to try and diminish the victimization of our men and women in uniform for following orders.

Tucker Carlson spoke with the professor on this very subject during his show:

Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, one of the SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden told Fox News that he had a few words for the professor:

George Ciccariello-Maher “lives in a bubble… he’s never been in the real world,” O’Neill told “Fox & Friends.” “I’m not sure which course he teaches, it might be ‘How to Grow Facial Hair Without Testosterone.’”

Ciccariello-Maher told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday that he aimed to call attention to the fighting in Mosul, Iraq, including a recent airstrike that may have killed more than 100 innocent people. U.S.-led coalition officials have said they’re investigating.

The professor added: “I think U.S. troops need real support. They don’t need symbolic gestures. What they need is not a first-class seat. What they need is health care support, psychological support. … This is how we support the troops, not by sending them off into wars.”

“That’s just a bunch of nonsense,” O’Neill responded. “He’s going to use somebody just showing his support for one of the troops by giving a first-class seat, to try to make it something political, which is what he does. He doesn’t know what the war effort is.”

Disagreeing with political policy is one thing, you’re allowed to be wrong, you’re even allowed to be stupid. But if you value your freedom, you should think long and hard before you diss the military.



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