Jelena Latest News: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Not Interested in Reuniting; ‘Slow Down’ Singer Joins Coach Brand

It seems like there will be no reunion between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as they are not interested in getting back together. Jelena’s fans seem to be worried that their relationship will be over for good.

Although several reports claim that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are reuniting, the truth is, they are not interested in getting back together anymore. The two music artists are now busy with their career and personal lives. The Slow Down singer is apparently working on her upcoming album, which means she will be spending time on her new songs.


ThyBlackMan even unveiled that Bieber visited Gomez when she was in rehab. The Cold Watersinger reportedly supported Gomez during her tough times in the rehab. But, the two are now living separate lives.

In fact, Gomez is purportedly focused on her career and trying to bounce back to it after taking a much-needed hiatus. She also needs to finish the concert tour that had to be canceled because of her battle with the side effects of lupus.

Meanwhile, Bieber also explained that he is single and that he is not interested in datinganyone at the moment. However, many news suggests that he is currently in a relationship.

“I am not dating anybody. Single. I am not really looking either,” Bieber explained when he guested on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


On the other hand, Hollywood Life reports that Gomez justsigned up with Coach, which will mean that she will become the new face of the brand. She will be making 10 million dollars for it and can also design her own line.

Fans are very happy to know that Gomez is back to business and in the music industry after her struggles in the past. She is also slowly participating in the social happenings in the industry with her friends.


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